Hello friend, I'm Jess.

The photo above, it's about three years old. I have newer photos of myself, but I prefer this one. 


To start, I'm sitting in my San Francisco apartment - a very special place for me. It's where I spent the last twelve years of my life. Where I fell in love with the art of creating a home, and where I built a business remodeling homes.

And, that's my art on the wall - those colors make me happy.

Oh, and that shirt - the texture and color and pattern are so fun. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the material is unusual, sort of velvety and smooth. It's designed by Kelly Wearstler - one of my all time favorite interior designers.

So anyways, that about sums me up. I love design. I love color. I love texture, and contrast, and movement. I love love love the art of creating a home. And I love talking about it, hence this website.


I hope you find something here that inspires you and makes your world feel a little brighter.

if you have a look around, you may notice things have been pretty quite around here. For a while I started to think that my desire to inspire was not a good enough reason to spend so much time blogging. I sort of struggled with the idea of "too much noise" and not feeling like I made a big enough contribution to the world. My outlook is starting to change, I recently moved out of San Francisco, which has given me new perspective on many things. 

Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center. Big, undreamed-of things — the people on the edge see them first.
— Kurt Vonnegut

if spending my free time blogging feels like the most fun thing to do, then hey... i'm going to do it. and so i gave my site a little refresh and started again.

Cheers to color, and design, and doing whatever it is that makes you happy... and to living life on the "edge".