Hello, my name is Jess Laine.


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I’m originally from San Jose, CA and I spent 12 years living in busy San Francisco before relocating to a smaller town in the Central Valley of California. 

My time in San Francisco was about experimentation and self-discovery. I found the career I wanted to focus my time on, the kind of people I wanted to spend my time with, and the values that would drive my decisions and ultimately create my world. I also mixed in lots of travel, eventually finding the place I wanted to call home. 

None of this was expected, and yet it all took quite a bit longer than expected! Funny how that works. I suspect most of us go through a similar journey. 

These days I spend my time enjoying my beautiful home with my partner and our wild little Frenchie, Lois Laine. We spent the first 6 months in our home making it ours. And now, we live. We make apricot jam and tend to our garden. We prepare for visitors coming to stay in our guesthouse cottage. We hang curtains, listen to our ever-expanding record collection, and dine alfresco during the hot summer evenings. 

I am so in love with this life. And I’d be silly not to mention, it took a whole lot of inspiration from others to find my way here. Now it feels good for me to share my little world in this online creative space.


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