(I bet it's bigger than you think.)


Color changes lives. It's healing, it's exciting, it's fun.

And guess what, it doesn't need to be bright... light + dark are  nice too :)

What can color do for you?

Color can speak for you. It can be loud (like this website) even if you are quiet (like me).

You can use color to go deeper, to stimulate growth. To get unstuck.

Your path of colorful growth starts here!

Original Art, by Jess Laine. Photography by Jacquelyne Mae Pierson.


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While I'm fairly confident that my love + fascination with color  started at conception, there are several life events that lead to refinements and breakthroughs for honing my gifts:

  • All of my childhood memories involve color in some way. My first memory is of my older brother throwing a cup of red Kool-Aid onto my mom's white curtains.  I was 18 months old. 
  • When I was about four I very enthusiastically interrupted Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's house to report that the blue water in the  toilet turned green after I peed! This is a very distinct memory, I was deeply fascinated by this magical color change. 
  • In high school, when I wasn't busy painting murals in art class and designing the school yearbook, I did makeup. Apparently  my classmates were impressed by my rainbow colored eyelids, because they happily lined-up to let me paint their faces.  
  • After so many years  focused on creating colorful art, I obtained degrees in both interior design  + architecture. 
  • I spent the last 10 years designing homes throughout the Bay Area, refining my knowledge of color theory and learning about the effects of light and texture with color.
  • From 2012-2014 I created a series of color study paintings, several of which ended up in local art shows.
  • In 2015 I finally connected the dots I've been collecting all these years and created a life + business around my  love + fascination with color  ❤

Want to know more about what color can do for you?

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