Hi, I'm Jess. I love possibilities. I have a gift for seeing the beauty in everything, in particular with home design. I've spent the last 15 years building a successful career in architecture, interior design and construction. I specialize in home remodels. I am equally in love with space planning a home, as I am with developing color concepts, as I am with setting up my clients for a successful remodel project. 


In 2016 I decided to take my business to the next level. While I knew I was in the right profession, I also knew I could help more people, and I knew in order to do that I needed to help myself first. I was working on many large home remodels at once, managing all aspects of a project, and desperate to focus on my favorite part, the most important part: the start.

When you are remodeling your home, how you start is everything. The worst way to start a remodel project is to jump right in with an architect and design your dream home, get your permits and then send the plan set out for bid for construction. That is the standard old-school model of our industry and it doesn't work. I started out my profession working at an architecture firm and watching this process and every time the frustrated clients who just spent a ton of time and money developing the design, only to get contractor bids that were out of their budget. Time and time again, what we designed, could not be built. This frustrated me so much, that I decided to change it. I quit that job and went to work for a contractor. I wanted to learn how the construction side works and how much things cost! I learned how to do a high-level construction estimate and how to manage a construction project. I got new perspective on how these three professions work together. And then, I created a business of my own. A new model, design-build.

With this new way of working I developed the budget at the beginning of the project and designed what fit in that budget. In 9 years not a single client has been surprised about costs or needed to edit the design late in the game/after permits because the construction costs were outside of their budget. It's from my experiences building this business that I discovered the next one.  

I realized I loved meeting my clients and coming up with floor plans and design concepts that satisfied their needs and wants. I also understand construction costs and love the feeling that I am designing something that can fit into my clients budget - something that can actually be built. And I wanted to continue to do this things, while also helping more people.

With my design build company I was only able to help our clients who hired us. And there are only so many remodel projects one person can do in a year! I thought that this model would catch on and be the answer to many peoples problems - but it hasn't exactly been the case. So now I offer a streamlined service that focuses on setting a project up for success and I'm able to work on 8-12 projects a month instead of per year! 

To be honest, I didn't love the rest. Developing architectural details, pulling permits, project managing through completion of a remodel. I get lost in the details. I'm a starter and I'm a big picture person. I have the vision, drive, and knowledge to set every project up for success. And now - that's just what I do!

No matter where in the world you live, whether you rent or own, I can take all of your crazy ideas (or lack of ideas!) and turn them into a strategic plan for moving forward. The most fun strategic plan - because it's all about you, your home and your needs! 

Here's what it looks like when we work together:

1) You fill out my online questionnaire and provide me with the existing (as-built) floor plans

2) I review and research and then have an in-depth Skype call with you

3) Within 4 weeks (and often much sooner!) I will provide you with architectural floor plans, design concepts and a guide book for moving forward. 

Each project is different (a renter looking for a new living room layout and design concepts is much smaller than a home owner interested in an entire gut remodel!) And in order to give you an idea of what this service will cost you, here are some example ballpark numbers for common categories:

Option A - $4,000 - $6,000

You own your home and want to turn the existing basement space into a master suite, remodel the upstairs kitchen and guest bathroom. All interior work except for some window and door changes at the rear of the home. You also need guidance in developing the conceptual design in terms of style, overall feel and color.  

Option B - $

Option X - $1,000 - $ (maybe I shouldn't do this option? so many companies are helping with this now... 

You rent and want to makeover your living room and dining room. You need help with where the furniture should go, along with design concepts for style, overall feel and color.