I’m one of those odd people who has always known who I am and what I want to do. I am an artistdesigner

To be an artist is to feel a deep desire to express your inner being in visual form. Artists see the world in a different way. We have an innate understanding of color & shape. And a need to create beauty and share it with the world.

To be a designer is to be endlessly curious. Designers care obsessively about aesthetics, function, and helping people. We crave transformation & improvement. And can’t help but create a well curated life. 

I care deeply about all fields of art & design, with my main focus in architecture & interior design. I enjoy the challenge of remodeling - taking an older space and making it functional while respecting the original architecture. 

While living and working in San Francisco for the last decade, I’ve developed a love of travel and technology. I'm (almost) as comfortable living from a suitcase as I am in the comfort of my beloved home. I can design from anywhere, some of my favorite places include an airplane (oh the magic of being 30,000+ feet above it all!), Covo in SF, and beautiful hotels in some of my favorite cities like NYC, Mexico City and Rome

This site is where I share my thoughts on art & design. I am especially drawn to spaces that feel playful & sophisticated. That are carefully edited and refined, but don't take themselves too seriously

Questions, collaboration ideas or general friendliness, please contact me here