Hi, I'm Jess! Welcome to my little corner of the internet - a place devoted to all things home.

As a naive and ambitious twenty-three year old, I was lucky enough to stumble on one of my passions -  making an old home beautiful again. 

I loved the transformation - the process of making something more functional while honoring it's original beauty.

This desire, combined with a series of fortunate (and some not so fortunate!) events lead me to co-create a design-build construction firm in San Francisco, CA. I've been on a journey remodeling homes in the Bay Area ever since.

Along the way, I realized I was searching for a home of my own (as happens when IRL home tours are just a normal part of your week!) And then, at the end of a long and adventurous summer road trip, I unexpectedly found my home - I met my soul mate. (BTW, it's a great story, ask me and I'll share.) Not long after meeting, we bought a beautiful 1933 Spanish Colonial home (with a Guesthouse!) in the College Neighborhood of Modesto, CA. 

I finally have my own old home to improve, in a town that is brand new to me.

This journey has taught me more than I ever thought I could learn about the idea of home.

About where we choose to "put down roots", what the "feeling" of home is, how to build a new community while staying connected to your previous one (still working on this!), and of course - how to make your home your own through various home improvement adventures! 

I'm really excited to share what I've learned here on this site, as well as connect with readers, so please do reach out and keep in touch!

P.S. For anyone who already read my blog and followed me on Instagram, you may know I took a long break from it all, and yes - I'm officially back! Just in a different way, with more humility, focus and clarity :)