A Favorite Source for Design Inspiration.

This place! I return here again and again for design inspiration. I love to see their new inventory and the beautiful colors they paint the walls. It's ever-changing! If you don't know what the apartment is, it's a genius idea by a couple in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Design Shop Favorites: The Citizenry

Boutiquey online design shops are pretty hit or miss. It can be hard to find a good one that is consistently well curated. I've been following The Citizenry for a while and am really impressed with this company. They sell hand-made products sourced from around the world made by real artisans.

Changing up the way I Create Design Concept Boards

When I start a new project it's always so much fun sourcing stuff and putting together a concept. I can see it all come together in my head and it's exciting! One of the more difficult parts of this process is presenting the concept and furniture in a way that will let the client "see" things as I imagine them...