A Favorite Source for Design Inspiration.

This place! I return here again and again for design inspiration. I love to see their new inventory and the beautiful colors they paint the walls. It's ever-changing! If you don't know what the apartment is, it's a genius idea by a couple in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Design Shop Favorites: The Citizenry

Boutiquey online design shops are pretty hit or miss. It can be hard to find a good one that is consistently well curated. I've been following The Citizenry for a while and am really impressed with this company. They sell hand-made products sourced from around the world made by real artisans.

Changing up the way I Create Design Concept Boards

When I start a new project it's always so much fun sourcing stuff and putting together a concept. I can see it all come together in my head and it's exciting! One of the more difficult parts of this process is presenting the concept and furniture in a way that will let the client "see" things as I imagine them...

Still Can't Get Enough of African Mud Cloth

Several years ago my friend Shoshana took me on a tour of her interior designer friend's gorgeous flat. It was colorful and friendly and the majority of the art and fabrics used was african mud cloth which was totally new to me. I fell in love.

Custom Home Paintings by Pamela Baron!

I was at Rare Device over the holidays and stumbled on the work of Oakland based artist Pamela Baron. She paints lots of different things like crystals, flowers, shells, birds and my favorite... victorian homes of San Francisco.

Spring Cleaning: Organizing with Armoires & baskets

This post combines two of my favorite things: vintage furniture & organization. I love using unique baskets and bins to organize stuff. While large baskets look good right on the floor, you need some kind of shelving to store smaller baskets and bins. 

Chairish Finds of the Week

My Chairish obsession is quickly overtaking my Pinterest obsession. I can't get enough. It's a little different/scary because with Chairish I'm not just collecting beautiful images of furniture and accessories... I'm buying them too... but it's so much fun!