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On Nomadism: what i've learned so far

On Nomadism: what i've learned so far

Goals are funny things. We set them, we achieve them, and then too often, we forget about it. 

I started out this year with a random, big goal: I will travel every month in 2014. 12 trips total. There's lots of planning involved in that. And money is needed. But I didn't worry about the "how". I just said it will happen and believed it would.

And it did. About 55 days of travel. 4 countries. 13 different cities. 4 plane rides. 5 road trips. 1 high speed train. 9 trips total (the other 3 were much needed staycations).

New friends and experiences. Life lessons. Every wonderful thing you've ever heard about travel? It's all true.

And all these wonderful things happened because I set a goal and believed it would happen.

Some things I learned from my first year as an amateur nomad:

- People are nice and they want to help you. Even if they don't speak your language. Even if they look busy or distracted or stressed. If you smile and ask for help, people will stop and give you their time.

- Always give yourself more time. Planes, trains and taxis all run late. The right metro stop can be hard to find. It's easy to get lost. So plan on it happening and give yourself extra time. Enjoy being lost without the stress of missing your next flight.  

- Pack light. You can always buy something if you really need it. Check the local weather. Get good at layering. Figure out a simplified, comfortable version of your personal style that makes you feel good. It's really easy to wash clothes in a kitchen or bathroom sink. Bring less. 

- Put your phone away. Your phone is for taking photos or looking for directions. That awful habit of checking email every thirty minutes? Leave it at home. The constant texting and social media checking too. Enjoy where you are with all of your senses. Appreciate what it means to be fully present. 

That's it for me, if you have any tips to share I'd love to hear them!

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