How I found the Words to Describe What I'm About

If you knew the amount of times I've changed up this website, the content, the template, the style, the colors, the fonts, the images and photos... you would probably think I am completely obsessed. And you'd be right. I'm obsessed with visual stuff.

I design homes for a living and paint in my spare time. I re-do my own apartment monthly. I make digital drawings for my weekly newsletter. Anything I can get my hands on (physically or digitally) I wont stop until things are that perfect combination of beautiful + simple. 

And there's more.

I believe everyone is the artist of their life. You just need to say goodbye to all the visual and mental clutter taking up valuable space. You need to know that you are already totally awesome just as you are. Once you have less stuff floating around you will see that there is nothing that needs to be added, the beauty is in taking things away. Refining and simplifying. With the space and confidence to play and experiment, you will discover your style. You will design your life. 

Life is a canvas. You are the artist. Go have fun.


Everything I just said, that is me. It came flowing out of me after doing Alexandra Franzen's "Great I Am Worksheet" (which I believe I got after subscribing to her newsletter). If you don't already know who she is, you need to check out her website. Everything she posts is simple + beautiful + totally genius.