My "World Changing" Thoughts on a Sunny Sunday

Hi. It's Sunday. It's Indian Summer here in San Francisco and it's hot. I chose to spend the day in my apartment, playing around with my website re-design and dreaming of cooler weather. 

Yesterday I read this article by Breanden Beneschott who has this awesome company called Toptal. In the article he talks about building a world-changing company while also traveling the world. Since I'm an amateur nomad, I love this kind of stuff. What really stuck with me about this article was the "world changing" statement. Something about these big broad statements alway makes me a little uncomfortable. I like them, because it makes me look at life and ask myself big questions. But then I start to question myself, which I don't like. If that makes sense. 

This morning, when I woke up with this question at the front of my mind, I had an answer. It's a soft answer. It's not a loud, strong statement. It's like a sweet little whisper.

I thought to myself, I am changing the world by choosing love everyday. Which is no small thing.

Everyday I wake up and I make conscious choices to love myself and the people in my world more and more. I choose to practice patience and humility. I choose to be a better version of myself. Because we are all connected. And the more love I give, the more love the entire world feels. And good things happen. Little miracles happen. Little mindset shifts. Ideas happen. Hugs and kisses happen. 

Love is everything. I feel like I'm starting to sound like a Beatle's song but what's wrong with that. The point is that love is my contribution. Love is my way of changing the world.