Little Moments for Big Love

Life gives us lots of opportunities to expand our hearts. But these opportunities are often disguised as something else. 

For example, you know when you are having a conversation with someone and they suddenly become cold and closed off, they might even say something hurtful? 

How do you react? My reaction is to become defensive. I try not to show it, but my mood shifts and I become closed off as well. My feelings get hurt. I wonder what I said wrong. 

This happened to me recently. And this time I stopped and asked myself, what would my wisest self do in this situation, how would she react? The answer surprised me.

The answer I heard is this is an opportunity to show love. 

How does it feel to respond to coldness with more coldness? Kind of awful right? 

We all have our stuff. Things that for whatever reason trigger us. Make us upset. Make us feel unlovable. When someone is acting unlovable, it's when they need love the most. When we feel unlovable, it's when we need to feel loved. Sounds obvious, but how often do we ask for it when we need it? 

They become cold, so you give them warmth. You give them warmth, and your heart expands.

Little moments for big love.

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