Design Project: St. Francis Wood Kitchen + Basement Remodel

We started this project a year ago in December of 2013. We met the clients and it was a great match and things just kept moving quickly. 

The biggest challenge with this project was relocating the interior stairs. The original home layout was made up of a bunch of little rooms with different ceiling heights as well as various door sizes and styles. They have a beautiful view and lots of great light and we knew we wanted to do a much better job of capturing both. We also wanted to connect the backyard directly to the living space. The dream situation being a large family kitchen that opens to the rear yard and living and dining spaces with tons of natural light and a view... 

... And we did it! Check out the floor plans for the before (existing) and after (proposed).

This project is done and it looks amazing. I'll update with photos when they are ready within the next two months and share more details on the design elements.

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