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The Best "Goal" I Set for 2014

The Best "Goal" I Set for 2014

At the beginning of this year I set a goal. It wasn't very well thought out. It came to me in a moment of irritation with myself. 

I realized over the last few years I heard myself say countless times that I wanted to travel more. My Airbnb profile actually says, "Hi, I love to travel and I plan on doing a lot of it this year" (I wrote that three years ago). I started to feel a little bit like a fraud, talking about loving to travel, but only doing a real trip or so every few years. Honestly, I only ever left San Francisco for a wedding or to visit family on Christmas. 

I think that's why in January, when my friend told me they had room for one more at their house in Aruba, I said yes.   

That trip was fun. We rented Jeeps and went off-roading. We swam in natural pools overlooking the ocean. We ate fresh fish and played card games late into the night. I laid on the beach and finally had the time and space to finish my Desire Map.

When I got home I was feeling good. I did it. I traveled somewhere. Still in that post vacation high I said to myself, "this year I'm going to take a trip a month. Every month I will go somewhere." 

Then something interesting happened. I kind of forgot about that goal. 

Until a couple months ago, when I was planning my Europe trip. I realized I have done a trip a month. I was shocked. And excited. Check this out:

  • January: Aruba
  • February: Tahoe
  • March: (?)
  • April: Point Reyes
  • May: Stinson Beach
  • June: Healdsburg 
  • July: Portland
  • August: Hawaii
  • September: London, Paris, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid
  • October: Brooklyn
  • November (tbd - but I'm thinking back to Portland)
  • December (tbd - Italy?)

I guess this whole goal setting thing is pretty powerful. Especially when we say our goals out loud. When we really feel them and imagine them happening. This goal was so strong inside of me I didn't even need to think it. Opportunities and ideas just kept coming my way. All I had to do was say yes.

Where will November and December take me? I don't know yet. Maybe I'm due for a staycation. We shall see. 

The point is, that this is pretty much the best goal ever ;)

What about you? Do you have a favorite goal? Do you want to make a new one right now? Even if you just say it out loud to yourself, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what happens next.

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