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UX Design in Real Life, an Idea Worth Sharing?

UX Design in Real Life, an Idea Worth Sharing?

I remember when I first got turned onto to the importance of idea capturing. I was watching an episode of MTV Cribs (years and years ago) with a talented video producer who's home was super minimalist. By super minimalist I mean like just a bed and a chair, that's it (and probably a gorgeous view of Los Angeles). Next to his bed were two things - a notebook and a pen. This guy was all about ideas. He knew he had them in bed, in between dreams and early in the morning, and he wasn't about to miss an idea. 

Fast forward to a few years ago when Evernote was first released. I realized there were so many ideas I'd let slip away over the years and this was my chance to make up for lost time (or ideas). 

Well, the ideas just keep coming. It's gotten to the point that now I feel like i'm hoarding my ideas. And I don't like to hoard things.

So, in the spirit of a James Altucher blog post I once read (where he listed a ton of awesome ideas for business solutions he saw that were needed) I want to share my ideas!

Today's idea is dedicated to all my UX designer friends:

Create a Real Life User Experience.

This could be in a small room, a garage could work. It would need to be built into the space. So think like a simple, temporary human size box.

When you first walk in, all six surfaces are blank, like a blank canvas or the blank white screen of a website. As you step into the space, things start to change. Maybe you step on a floor board which triggers music. And then a series of doors appear and as you open each door, the color in the room changes or the music changes or the temperature or the smell. You could even walk into the small spaces behind each door and have a different experience of the senses. Anything could happen. It could get weird.

This sort of pop-up user experience would run for a month or so and then other people would have the chance to create their own version. 

It could be something cool for people to do on their lunch break "Treat yourself to something new today".

It could be either a personal or group experience. For two people this would be a fun first date adventure.

The whole experience might last 5-10 minutes or maybe you give people a full 30 minutes?

How much would you charge? If this was really well done, I would pay $50 to experience it for myself. If 10 people checked it out every day for a month, that's $15,000. If you could build it for around $10,000, then that's a $5,000 profit for the month. 

It could be really cool! I'd love to do something like this. If you create this, let me know. I'd love to help you.

Okay, so as you can see my ideas can be a bit out there. I can't guarantee they will turn into profitable businesses, but at the very least they will be entertaining. 

I'm curious, do you have a system for capturing ideas? If so, what is it? If not, why not give Evernote a try for the next week. I think you will be surprised by how much in your brain is worth writing down, once you give yourself permission to do so.   

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