Designing with Big, Bold Colors: Red-Orange

I'm not a fan of bold red walls in a home. It feels dated to me. And a little violent.

However, if you add some yellow to that red, you get red-orange. And that is a good look. Red-orange is vivid and exciting. It's fun.

Here is an excellent example of big, bold red-orange in the home:

Check out the full article from Dwell here. The whole house is very well done. The bathroom and kitchen counters are gorgeous!


This works well because everything else in the space is neutral with consistent blocks of color. The floors and vertical partitions are the same wood and the rug matches the wood. The walls and cabinets are white. The sofa is gray. All consistent, neutral blocks of color keeping the space organized and clean and keeping a balance with the bold red-orange block. 

I like this project so much, I'm considering blocking out a portion of my home to paint a similar red-orange. 

What about you? Would you add this much color to a commonly used, open space in your home?

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