Designing with a Triadic Color Scheme: Red, Yellow & Blue

I love triadic color schemes, and this one is fun: the three primary colors: red, yellow + blue.

A triadic color scheme uses three colors evenly spaced around the color wheel. Since there are twelve colors on the color wheel, every fourth color can be used. 

The images below are all of one home. See how they broke up the colors by room and then tied them together in a subtler way in the main living space? (the last image) It's very clever.

Images taken from Dwell, the article is here

Every piece stands out on it's own.

This works especially well because the walls are white and the floors are a very neutral light wood.  The combination of the two make this home the perfect backdrop for stunning statement pieces and pops of color. 

The blue-green wall is unexpected, especially paired with the blue sofa, but it looks very sharp. 

The red chairs do not over power the dramatic bench, instead, the contrasting color helps balance it out. 

 When your apartment is also a showroom, I guess you become very good at these kinds of details. I'd love to tour this apartment/showroom. If I was local I would check back often. And take notes.

Arch & DesignJess LaineDwell