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Designing with Big, Bold Colors: Blue

Designing with Big, Bold Colors: Blue

If Pantone's 2015 color of the year, Marsala, is not your style, I have some good news for you.

Apparently there's more than one "color of the year". Check out this Pinterest board for example, which highlights three colors for 2015:

Coastal Surf, Swagger + City Tower

These colors would work well together along with a little pink, red, yellow or orange. 

Coastal Surf is my fave of the three, because I love saturated colors. If you're like me and you prefer white walls,  use this color in fabric, pillows, cushions, furniture, rugs and art. 

Example? Our new Coastal Blue sofa:

photos taken from my Instagram feed, @jessslaine

You can bring so much beautiful color into your home without painting an entire room...

Now I'm reminded of a room I visited at the SF Decorator Showcase a few years ago that was completely painted in a saturated blue. And it looked awesome. It was called, "The Royal Rumpus" and was not an everyday kind of space. It was a space for fun and parties and it was also on the top floor, with lots of beautiful levels of lighting. Two important factors for rooms painted in saturated colors: 1) not an everyday space, and 2) lots of different levels of lighting, preferably natural and some indirect. 

photos taken from SF LUXE


Options are nice some times. Don't like Marsala? Then there's Coastal Surf or Swagger or City Tower. Don't like big bold painted walls? Then you can add color with a sofa or a pillow instead. 

Design is awesome don't you think?

(header image source apartment therapy)

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