Let's Swap Furniture?

This is a more difficult idea to give away. Because I love it. And I really want to see this happen. But it's not a part of my big goal for 2015. Maybe it can be yours? I hope.

I own the domain. And I love it: Swapiture.com  (don't Google it though. The weirdest stuff comes up and I'm not sure why. Okay whatever Google it. Told you)

Yup. It's nice right?

And there's even a site that will do everything you need for like $100 a month. Check out Sharetribe. They have the perfect platform to create a marketplace for a furniture swap. 

Because we need a furniture swap. I know I'm not the only person who changes my apartment constantly. And it doesn't need to be an expensive hobby. I love Craigslist and Move Loot and just plain old swapping stuff with friends. BUT if there was one place online to go and search for what you need, similary to what  Bib + Tuck does for clothes, that would be so awesome.

And I think it could be a great success. With companies like Tradesy finally getting some traction, it's clear that people have opened their minds up to re-using and sharing. Swapping furniture is beautiful.

Swapiture is beautiful. And it could be yours. 

Let me know if you are down, as usual I'd love to help.

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