Creative Process: Painting - New World 1

Today I created a "New World" and this is how I did it:


I'm a little obsessed with this style of painting right now. I've tried a couple similar (New World 2 +3) but this is my fave. It came together very organically. I started by referencing a black and white image of two elephants touching trunks. And that sweet relationship turned into a New World where things grow together and apart through layers, blending and blowing paint.

The complimentary colors red and green are both sides of that sweet relationship. Fiery, passionate love paired with slow, natural growth. 

The contrast of the saturated colors against white + soft gray paired with the movement of the brush strokes + blown paint create a feeling of life. A world changing + evolving on the canvas. 

What do you see? How does this painting make you feel? I'd love to know, tell me in the comments below ⬇