Stop Searching for a Passion, do this Instead:

Worried you need to find a passion? Or have too many passions and think you need to choose one and FOCUS on it? 

These are the kinds of things I've spent way too much time worrying about. Today I'd like to propose we forget about it. Instead, let's live a little.

Need a passion? Great! Start meditating. Write after you meditate. Try new things. Pay attention to what lights you up and gets you excited. Pay attention to what people thank you for or ask for your help with.

Meet new people. Ask them questions. Learn about them so you can learn about yourself. Be helpful.

Pretty soon you will find something you love to do so much you keep doing it. And then one of the people you meet along the way will know someone who needs that thing you like to do. Now you have a passion that's a business (+ lots of cool stories, new friends and experiences). 

Have too many passions? Great! Have a day job you love and a hobby (passion)? Explore ways to make your day job more efficient + effective so you can spend more time on your hobby. Share your hobby with other people. You may find someone who needs that thing you love to do/make/write or talk about. Now you have a passion that's a business . Eventually you may want to spend more time on one thing. Or you might not. 

Worried that you will have too much on your plate and feel overwhelmed or burned out? Then don't. 

Make a promise to yourself. "Self, I promise not to take on too much. I promise to only say yes to the things that excite me and to say no to the rest. I promise to always choose you first. Love always, Me."

Does this sound crazy and too simple? Good. Crazy + simple = success.

I personally have maintained a day job I love while turning a hobby (passion) into a side business and keeping that same promise to myself. I still experience burn-out too often. The mistakes I've made are always when I get off path, listen to someone else other than myself, push too hard. And every time that happens, I slow down enough to catch up with me. I get really quiet + still. Because I already know everything I need. And so do you.