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How to do Less and Get More Done

How to do Less and Get More Done

There's this popular idea that success means being busy all the time doing lots of stuff. Think: long to-do lists, early mornings + late nights, lots of running around town, phone calls + meetings. Yuck. I'm feeling stressed just writing about it.

There's this cool trick where you can do less and get more done. It works for me + I bet it will work for you too. 

This is a recent discovery:

We need to slow down. 

Slow down = get more done. Or maybe, slow down = work more effectively. Do what matters, forget the rest.

How is this possible? 

It has something to do with the fact that when we are going too fast, we miss the signs. We keep on going, filling our life up with more stuff, adding it all to the to-do list. We read about all these things we should be doing for our business, so they get added to the list. We are easily distracted by what other people are doing. And we believe that success means being busy busy busy all the time. 

It's not true. The beauty in having so many different options for how to run our business, social media, marketing... our lives, is that we can choose what we enjoy + feels right. And forget the rest. 

No more spinning wheels, wasting precious time + energy.

We need to be present to make decisions that feel good. And when we're overloaded with busy work, we can't be present.

We get so far ahead of ourselves that we end up sick, stressed, burnt-out. Our bodies save us from ourselves. They slow us down so we can catch-up on the right stuff.

I believe we can actually get more done if we go slow. Which is not really slow by the way, it's just at the pace of our own life. We are more likely to complete things if we slow down and enjoy them. We are also more likely to see what is not working, and to see new opportunities. Waste less time spinning, spend more quality time enjoying. Relaxing. Laughing. Living.

Next time it all feels like too much, remember that it might be. And that it doesn't have to be. Having a hectic week? Take some time off. The clarity your mind reaches while walking along the beach will guide you through gracefully. 

What do you do when there's too much going on? Have your own tips for avoiding burn-out? Please share in the comments below ⬇ 

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