The Best Online Class I've Ever Taken

I've taken an embarrassing amount of online classes. If I could go back and take just one, it would be the CreativeLive class The Art of Less Doing with Ari Meisel. 

The course teaches you to optimize, automate and outsource so that you can spend your time doing less of what you don't like and more of what you love. It's an attractive concept. One I read many books about, but never quite made it to that magical place I knew existed somewhere in my half-way organized life. 

When I first discovered this class and began opening my mind to the wonders before me, I stayed in all weekend and implemented everything possible. I changed how I do my email, my Google calendar, social media, how I use Evernote. I got set up with FancyHands and Zirtual (again). I created "The Manual of Me" with processes for everything I do that can be outsourced (which I learned is way more than I ever dreamed).

My Gmail once consisted of 30 different folders and subfolders and various filters. When emails came in, I placed each one in their correct folder. My whole process took several hours everyday and left me with 16 or so emails always sitting in my inbox staring at me, needing my attention. 

Now I have two folders: my inbox and my optional folder. And most of my emails are optional. The ones that are not optional get dealt with right away or forwarded to to be sent back to me when I am ready to deal with them. Which means my inbox stays empty. Sound too good to be true? Trust me, this is real life. 

I'll continue to write about my systems as I refine them and change them to work even better for my life, which I hope is useful for you too. But for now, I just need to say, take this class. Read the material provided and watch every video. Avoid overwhelm and information overload by implementing immediately. If you happen to have two laptops (or a laptop and a tablet) I recommend signing up and getting organized as you watch the videos. 

Remember, start when you're ready (but you're ready now).