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On Mindfulness: 3 Things to Start Doing Now

On Mindfulness: 3 Things to Start Doing Now

I just flew from San Francisco to London and did my favorite thing to do on planes: read + listen to music. Yes, at the same time. On the plane it's a highly enjoyable activity. At home, it's annoying (I'm not sure how that works). Anyways...

I was reading "Wherever You Go, There You Are" and was stopped by this quote:

"If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things,
This is the best season of your life."
- Wu-men

This quote makes me feel all kinds of wonderful things. It feels light and bright and healthy. I actually thought to myself, "This is my season." And then of course I immediately felt a little guilty because you know, "Who am I to have it so good?" And then I remembered, I chose to be here. I chose to be here, in this season I created for myself. 

How? I did things that were not easy for me to do.

Why? I did them because I felt they would bring me inner peace and the (re)connection with myself that I was starving for.

What? These are the things I did:

1) I meticulously edited my life. I got rid of all the excess. This process started three years ago on accident when a friend of mine told me I "had a hoarder mentality". Which is actually hilarious. But at the time I was hurt + embarrassed. After I got over myself I realized he was right. (You can read in detail about getting over your own "hoarder mentality" in many of my other posts.)

2) I starting saying no to other peoples things so I could say yes to my own. This is difficult if you're like me and your whole existence revolves around pleasing other people. That's an exaggeration, but it really felt like I was betraying people left and right when I started the "no game". Lots of thoughts about who's more important and "who do I think I am" and then visions of all the terrible karma I had coming my way for being lazy and saying no to other peoples requests/ events/ phone calls/ ideas/ stuff. But after all of that I got to experience the beautiful feeling of empowerment. Of putting myself first. Even if it only makes sense to me. Even if it pisses people off. And I discovered that most people are totally cool with it and everyone starts respecting you and your time a hell of a lot more. So that's awesome. 

3) I committed to a daily ritual. If you're like me this whole "daily ritual" thing is scary. It's important that you make it your own. It's important that you make it fun and enjoyable and easy. Because the whole point is that it's something you want to do everyday. My daily ritual more or less: wake up naturally between 7-8am, feed and walk Lois, have a coffee with my boyfriend, meditate, start working (usually with emails). A couple comments here: 1) Please don't feel like you have to "beat the sun" or be up and ready at 6:30am to do sun salutations as the sun rises. These are some peoples ideas of a daily ritual. They are not for everyone. And there is no scientific proof that getting up at dawn will make you successful. If you love super early mornings or you have absolutely no other choice, then own it. Otherwise, find a time that works for you. 2) If you don't believe me, check out the book, "Daily Rituals: How Artists Work" by Mason Currey.

When? Now. Start now. Or when you're ready. But, you're ready now

Love from London.

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