Creating New Art For Our Home

The wonderful thing about being an artist is you can create new art for your home any time you wish! The other side to that is that when you get tired of the art, it's up to you to get to work and make some new material.

I'm going about this a little differently than I have in the past. Before I go crazy buying a bunch of new paint and canvases, I'm 1) taking inventory of what I have AND 2) building a Pinterest board to help with the direction. 

1) Taking Inventory:

I have so many used canvases stacked around the house and shoved into closets. Ones I know I will not hang in my own home. And if I wouldn't hang it in my own home, I won't sell it! I've started rounding them up and covering them in gesso. So far I have 11, all various sizes. Ready to be transformed and brought to life.

2) Inspiration:

Before we left for Italy, I started doing these scribble drawings and really fell in love with the process. I knew I wanted to experiment with them on a larger scale. 

When we were in Italy I though a lot about the scribble drawings and found myself noticing this pattern of "organized chaos" often. For example, driving in Rome is definitely organized chaos. As is trying to decide on a gelato flavor on a 100 degree day.

And then, I started seeing art pop up in my Pinterest feed that had a feeling of where I was going. This more free form, thick-lined scribble. With white space and bright pops of color. I started having this vision of a white canvas and a thick scribble, very clean, with red and green and pink and blue-green. 

So I collected the most inspiring images and saved them to Pinterest. Both these steps bring me so much closer to actually doing the work. The next time I'm inspired to paint, I have everything I need to dive in. Preparation is so important.

All images pinned on Pinterest. Click each image to go straight to the original article with artists. Top of page image is Christoph Ruckhäberle, 'L'Emmerdeur Futuriste (#14),' 2009. Above images clockwise from top left: 1) ART: i love the colors, white space & playful feeling 2) art: the middle squiggle one! 3) ART: love the free flowing lines and circles, pops of color, black & white 4) my favorite! love these scribble animals in black & white w/ pops of color