What would your favorite music look like as a colorful painting?

This is the question I asked myself this week after my friend Zarah sent me this article about artist Melissa McCracken and her gorgeous paintings. Melissa has synesthesia which means she sees music as texture and color. She paints what she sees when she listens to a song and the results are gorgeous.

I decided to give it a try in my own way, by using binaural beats to get me into a subconscious, meditative state while painting (because when meditating I have visions and feel colors). I used acrylics and pastels to create the painting below:

I enjoyed this so much, it's definitely something I'll do again. I think it would be cool to paint with closed eyes while listening to the beats and really try to translate what I see and feel onto a large canvas. 

The whole synesthesia thing is so fascinating and it really opened my mind to new ways of experimenting with my art. Do you know anyone who has similar traits or have experience painting music? I'd love to hear more in the comments below!