Scribble Drawings

The last few years, I got so into painting I kind of forgot how much fun markers are. Plus they are clean and immediate and much easier to clean up than paintbrushes! 

I think I was getting a little tired of the process of painting at home. Moving the furniture, putting down the drop cloth, getting out the brushes and paints, filling the vases with water, setting up the easel, painting... and then putting it all away again. 

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a set of Tombow markers and started experimenting. It had been so long that I really didn't have any expectations or ideas for what I would create. These scribble drawings just sort of developed from playing around. Very colorful and free, but with structure and balance. 

I like to travel light, so I wont be bringing the markers and paper with me to Italy. But I recently read this excellent post on using the Adobe apps to create art on the iPad so I ordered this sweet little stylus and plan to continue with the scribbles digitally. I'm especially interested in the cleaner, more consistent line quality I can achieve drawing digitally. 

Once I've got some digital scribbles to share I'll post an update on the site.