The Art of Ozmo the Great (and how we almost met!)

This past Summer I re-discovered the work of this awesome artist, Ozmo. 

Years ago I was reading online about a collaboration between the local artist Jeremy Fish and an Italian artist. I remember falling in love with the street art of this Italian artist, but this was before I got super organized and started Evernote-web-clipping and Pinterest-pinning everything and so I completely forgot the artists name. I thought about the art on a few occasions and did some Googling, but nothing came up. 

And then when we were in Milan this past Summer, a friend was talking about a local artist named Ozmo. The name clicked and it all came full-circle. We went straight to Instagram so I could confirm that this really was the artist I've been searching for and it was! 

I started following him on Instagram so i wouldn't need to worry about forgetting again, and then something really cool happened. He messaged me and offered to give me a tour of some great spots in Milan! I love Instagram.

Unfortunately for me we were already out of Milan and on our way to Bologna so I had to pass up the offer. But it's a cool story and just funny how things work out. Anyways, enjoy some more of his great street art style below. 

More of Ozmo online and on Ista. Enjoy!

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