Jewel Tone Color Love at the Alex Hotel (Perth, Australia)

This is one of those projects that I could stare at/drool over all day. So many little details to fall in love with. The use of color is truly inspiring. The above room is totally my color palette: contrasts of black and white with pops of yellow, pink and teal. The paintings I've been working on are also eerily similar (but not nearly as good!) to this stunning one shown here. I need to find the artist asap. 

It is so refreshing to look at this kitchen. Sure, I love a white kitchen just as much as the rest of the world (or, uh, my Pinterest feed at least) BUUUUT as a designer who loves working with color, I really appreciate this space. It's my favorite shade of unique: playful sophistication

Again! With the perfect use of color! And do you notice the subtle theme with the shapes? The ceiling, wall and floor tiles and rugs all have staggered rectangles. It's a really nice way to tie the different materials and colors together.

You know what I'm going to say. COLOR. That wall. And the subtle pop of red-orange on the bed and the brass on the light fixture to warm up the coolness of the blue-green OH MY it's just so perfect. 

All of these gorgeous photos were taken from this article here. If you don't already read My Domaine maybe you should think about doing so. It's very, very good.