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The Perfect Minimal Paris Apartment? Hubert by Septembre Architecture (Paris, France)

The Perfect Minimal Paris Apartment? Hubert by Septembre Architecture (Paris, France)

*Design genius* Let me tell you, it is not easy to make a small apartment feel so simple and clean and expansive while being functional and using a variety of materials. Hmm, that is a strange sentence. What I mean is that when working within a small space, a designer will usually choose a limited number of materials to work with to keep things cohesive. This project totally breaks that rule and I love it. The architects used six different materials on the floors alone. Check out the above floor plan.

(Also, doesn't it look like this was previously two teeny tiny apartments combined into one? I say that because of the very thick dividing wall that separates the two identical rooms. And on another kind of important side note, where is the toilet?)

Hello beautiful kitchen. They totally nailed the cabinet color. French gray is not easy... it can become too muddy or too green. Here you have the perfect french gray in the perfect french apartment.

I also want to mention the floors again because I almost always recommend doing the same material throughout when the kitchen is open to the living and dining. Now I'm looking at this and thinking, huh, why do I design that way when I could design this way? ;) 

Here we have the view looking from the entry, through the office, then bedroom, ending at the bathroom. It looks like there is a room past the bathroom but it's actually a large mirror covering that entire piece of wall. *Genius design*. 

And the floors... I'm guessing the colorful mosaic is original. I'm glad they kept it!

BOOM. Office. This is great, I mean, what else do you need? And I love that the clutter of books is at the back so you don't have to stare at them while working.

I imagine that as you walk through the entry to the bedroom you don't even notice this space much because it's so narrow. And yet it's a generous size. And yet it's still it's own private space!

This I love. I've tried doing this in a few different design projects but no one ever goes for it. I guess it seems strange on paper, but it's such a lovely use of space.

Put the closet behind the bed, use a simple divider wall, and then you have a huge walk-in closet within a small bedroom footprint.

And if you scroll up to look at the floor plan again, you will see that this really is a generously sized closet (for a couple of lucky and stylish Parisians!). 

Okay, now we are in the bathroom and looking out into the bedroom.

Just kidding! To the left of the sink is that mirror which makes it look like there is a room beyond, but really that is the wall/end of the run of rooms. It's really very clever what they did, lining up the rooms and then adding the mirror so it feels like you can just keep walking along forever. 

Obviously this space is gorgeous and I'm sure you will soon see it all over Pinterest. I love the very gold sink faucet contrasting with the very black shelving.

Alright, so now we've (finally) turned around and walked into the bedroom to look back at the office, then entry, then kitchen beyond. It's sort of a redundant shot, but at the same time it's cool to see again how everything lines up so nicely. So organized feeling. I love that.

Again I do have to ask, where is the toilet? Seriously though I can't find it. Maybe it's not on the floor plan but exists in the furthest part of the closet, making that not really as big of a closet as I thought, but still really a nice size. Or maybe the closet is that big AND the toilet is inside of it, which is kind of strange and so the architects didn't include it on the floor plan? Anyways, I'm fine with either option. Just curious. 

Septembre Architecture, you guys are really super talented *design geniuses* and I learned a lot from this beautiful home you designed. Thank you for that!


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