Beautiful New Japanese Furniture Company: Hirashima Inc.

I am so excited about this company and hope their beautiful work will be available in the states soon! (wishful thinking maybe, maybe not?) The above Biscotte table is perfect. I would pair it with non-wood chairs (metal or molded plastic maybe with a little pop of color?). Most of their products are walnut or oak, oil finished. 

Meet the Spago sofa, such a gorgeous sofa! I love the lounge/casual feel of the leather cushions paired with the more serious/simple wood frame. This is a "live/work" collection and the sofas can come with a dining table, desk or bookcase on back.

Here is the Caramella bookcase which can also be on the back of the sofa. I move furniture around constantly so having these flexible pieces that work together or separately is really fun. My personal style does not include a TON of wood because I enjoy a mix of many different materials. What I love about this collection is it lends itself really well to a mix of metal, colors and fabrics. Each piece is beautifully made and makes a statement. 

Here is one of their oak pieces - the Legare table. I prefer lighter woods and love white oak, I could see this table working in so many design projects. I am a big fan of the rounded legs and corners, it feels playful/less serious and is also kid-friendly.

I had to include the Orlo mirror collection. The angled back detail is lovely. They feel structured but light at the same time. 

And lastly the Felice cabinet. Because, fire. I'm assuming this is an ethanol Ecosmart fireplace and I've never seen them used inside a cabinet like this. (Side note about fireplaces, I recently saw an all electric one that emits heat and has a beautiful digital fire display. It sounds a little cheesy, but it felt totally real while not needing a gas hook-up which is pretty great!) 

Oh and in case you didn't notice, every piece of the collection is an Italian word, which I think makes the pieces feel even more elegant.

If you like to look at/drool over gorgeous hand made wood furniture then definitely go check out Hirashima's website or Instagram feed.  

Whoops, just kidding... one last piece because THIS BED IS EVERYTHING.  I would order this in oak and place it right in the middle of the bedroom. This solves so many live/work small-space problems. Imagine if the bed was facing a window (with a gorgeous view?) and then when you are working at the desk instead of staring at a wall (which can feel constricting and uninspiring) you have space AND a window in front of you AND you don't see the bed. Sort of the best situation am I right?