A Stunning Home with Black, White, Grays, Pops of Green & Pink (Oslo, Norway)

I'm totally obsessed with this home. I love the colors, there is a lot of depth and contrast but it doesn't feel overly moody. 

There are so many thoughtful details that really make this space unique. The raw wood post diving the kitchen and little nook area adds warmth and character.

They chose really nice shades of violet grays for the different rooms. Lightest gray in the open living area, darker in the bedrooms and darkest in the bathroom. This creates a very calm and cozy feel. 

Lavender is the best color to see upon waking. And gray is the color that makes people feel most creative. I think this would be a really lovely space to live.  


The pops of color are really lovely - the turquoise lights in the kitchen and the vibrant pinks in the textiles.

The cozy little nook off of the kitchen is my favorite. It's unexpected and fun. Again, the black and white paired with pink feels so fresh. 


There are many more images, including ones of the cute exterior patio area, on the listing. I first discovered this beautiful space on Stylizmo - enjoy!

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