Card Readings: Wave Your Freak Flag & Deepen Relatonships

I love card readings. They are fun and insightful. They also help me to slow down and get present. It feels good to take a moment in the mornings and reflect on whats going on in my world. Many people like to do "morning pages" for daily self-reflection. I'm not much of a writer, but I am a deeply visual person. And I believe in following delight, so instead of writing in the morning, I pull cards. 

This morning, October 27th, 2016:


Sacred Rebels


Past, Present, Future (3 Card)


Hopeful, Curious


Past: 14 - Going Beyond Normal 

Present: 29 - Seeing The True You

Future: 35 - Conscious Connections

The first thing I noticed before I even referenced my guidebook is that two of these cards are multiples of seven. Seven is my number so that is a sign to me that this is an important reading, especially with the past (14) and future cards (35).

Past: 14 - Going Beyond Normal

"On the path of life there are deciding moments where we can choose to go with the mainstream or we can dare to take a bolder more authentic and trusting way - even if it seems riskier or a less safe. To rely solely on logic and science, without incorporating the mysterious and magical is a recipe for an existence that is far too dry! The sacred rebel within our hearts will always choose a juicier approach to life. Placing 'science' or 'architecture' above all else kills off the rebellious heart..."

This card speaks to my struggle the last few years with perfectionism and spirituality. On one side I am a deeply spiritual person who believes in the power of meditation, crystals, and card readings. On the other side I am a perfectionist (most designers can relate to this!) and I believe in systems and order. I like to feel like everything is under control. I have a hard time slowing down, trusting in the process, and letting go. This card is telling me that it's time let my freak flag fly, to stay open to my intuitive approach to life, work, creativity, as well as my spiritual journey. I feel like it's asking me to commit to my spirituality. To make an agreement that I will let my intuition take the lead, even if it means things will get messy. To trust that my perfectionist ways can still serve me, but they cannot rule my soul. 

Present: 29 - Seeing The True You

"... If you are getting confused about who you are and your motives or actions based on what others are saying or how they are responding to you, then step back. In your quest to be a responsible person, you may be unintentionally taking on the feelings of others, making their reflections of you more than they are in truth. Let those external perceptions go. Can you just acknowledge yourself? Do so and be free!"

This card is giving me further permission to embrace all of me. It's safe. I'm ready. Trust myself. Don't worry about how I'll be perceived, it's not my business. 

Future: 35 - Conscious Connections

"There is a call for more intimacy in your immediate relationships. If you have asked to experience a more sacred connection with people who truly "get" you and want to play life with you, rather than at odds with or against you, then this oracle is confirmation that this manifestation is on its way to you now... kindred spirits are going to enter your life to help you connect with your deeper feelings and creativity. They will give wings to your inspirational ideas and big dreams... this oracle asks you to remain open to healing connections and to allow people to be close to you. Trust in the process that draws people in and art of your life. Resist nothing and seek wisdom in all..."

This card makes me so happy! I have been feeling the need for deeper relationships. I've been sort of isolated these last several years, very focused on my work and feeling too sensitive to open up my heart to new and deeper friendships. And then just like that a couple of weeks ago I feel ready. Ready for connection. Ready to open my heart. Ready to share myself. Ready to be seen. Ask and you shall receive!

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