Just a Quick Note to Say You Are Awesome

Hey you amazing design/art/color/fun lovers! 

Just a quick note to say: if you have sent me an email about being featured on my blog, I received it and I think you're awesome. I love seeing all of the cool colorful things creatives from all around the world our creating. And I am totally flattered that you want me to feature your creations in my little designer internet world. In other words: you creative creatives creating creative things are the best!

There have been a lot of emails lately, and because this is a fun thing I do on the side and I have a business to run (I don't just curate beautiful things, I'm actually remodeling homes, like all over San Francisco, like lots of CAD work and time spent convincing city officials to give me permits) I seriously can't stay on top of all of the emails and feature requests. I wish I could! 

I do however promise to continue to curate inspiring content on this blog. Because it's really fun. It's like instant gratification when I'm craving another creative outlet. And so much faster than painting. Even though I love painting too...

So yah. More colorful cool creative stuff coming up! For you creative creatives creating creative things. (I had to say it again. It was so good)

xoxo you colorful wonderful thing you 

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