Chairish Finds of the Week

My Chairish obsession is quickly overtaking my Pinterest obsession. I can't get enough. It's a little different/scary because with Chairish I'm not just collecting beautiful images of furniture and accessories... I'm buying them too... but it's so much fun!

My round-up of the week:

Just click on an image to link to Chairish to check out the details like sizes and pricing. (You'll notice a few of these items have sold already and that's probably because I bought them)

YES I would design a room with all of these items... we are missing a sofa and a desk for that chair but those could easily be figured out. Also, the asking price for those side tables is $9,600.00 (!!) but I love them and they look so good with that rug... which is VERY affordably priced. And that pink wall map... seriously someone hire me to design this room so I can buy all of these items. I promise it will look so good!

What I didn't mention is that you can make offers on items which is so much fun. Totally different from Ebay or Craigslist. Finally, someone created what I've been looking for... instead of spending hours scouring Craiglists posts, stalking sellers, haggling on price and arranging awkward pick-ups, all I have to do is submit an offer and wait for good news to come to my inbox. SO MUCH FUN!

** Chairish is not sponsoring me to write posts about them, I really just love what they are doing. As an interior designer who loves vintage, they have created my dream site and I am very excited about it. So expect a lot more of these posts and if you have any comments or questions about vintage furniture shopping I'd love to chat/help**