When Scribbles Become Art, Show Them Off?

My lovely friend April Walters connected me with St. Jorge Cafe in San Francisco so I could have a sweet little art show at their gorgeous space. This was a year ago and I thought "hey that's plenty of time to develop a whole new body of work!" 



I've been busy remodeling homes. People need me! There's no time for painting! :)

But I have been keeping up on my scribble drawings. Late at night when it's quiet and my eyes are too glazed over to do any more cad work, I pull out my Tombow markers and make some colorful scribbles. 

I hadn't noticed until someone commented on my Instagram feed, but my "scribbles" have become quite refined. All of a sudden they are painterly and sophisticated. Still fun and light, but professional...

And then, I got a pendulum. And my pendulum quickly became my bestie, because it tells the truth no matter what. It's kind of easy to lie to yourself or in my case, it was easy to feel guilty because I wasn't painting. And hard to believe that maybe I just didn't need to be painting. So to help with my dilemma, I started asking my pendulum. And guess what? Every single time I asked if it's in my best interest to paint, pendy (who is still without a name) said "no". 

Huh. But what am I going to do about this art show? What do I have to show? Scribble drawings...? So I started asking pendy if I should create scribble drawings and everyday I got a "yes". 

And so I still have an art opening at a cute cafe in San Francisco in May and I'll have my colorful "Scribble Drawings" on display and you should probably come stop by and say hi. Totally not necessary to buy any art. (Shhhh... I usually end up giving my art away to friends and family. So if you're nice and you buy me a drink and we become friends... ;)