Still Can't Get Enough of African Mud Cloth

Several years ago my friend Shoshana took me on a tour of her interior designer friend's gorgeous flat. It was colorful and friendly and the majority of the art and fabrics used was african mud cloth which was totally new to me. I fell in love. It wasn't until recently that I started seeing it mainstream.

The above image is the one that got away. I saw this on Chairish right after the shop owner posted it and I hesitated. The next day I went back and it had sold. Obviously. It is perfect. 

And here's our colorful living room with these four sweet little vintage mud cloth and cheetah print pillows I was lucky enough to score a few weeks ago. I love them dearly. They've already been used to style two photo shoots - they really add that special touch to sofas and chairs. 

Above are some current Chairish mud cloth favorites as well as the indigo one from a new shop I discovered called En Deca

And then there was this chair. Which is obviously perfect. The beautiful carved wood arms and back details combined with the mud cloth... this is a really special custom piece. 

Any thoughts on the mud cloth craze? Are you just starting to notice it or already growing tired of it? I personally love graphic prints and anything that adds a "global" or "well traveled" feel to a home so this trend has some major staying power in my book.

(header image source maewoven on insta)