Why I Love the "Tub in Shower" Trend

I've been in love this idea of "a tub in the shower" for a while. I first did it for a prospective client years ago when I got the chance to come up with some unconventional layouts (I dug up those plans from 2009, see below) and then a few years later I read an article on the 407 East 75th Street Carriage House in NYC and I finally got to see "a tub in the shower" in real life.

*FYI this is not to be confused with "tub/shower combo", which means a standard tub with shower fixtures above. This is specifically a freestanding tub inside the shower... and it is wonderful.

Why is it wonderful? Well first off, I'm always a fan of design that is a little bit outside the box (although in this case it is technically inside the box!) but more importantly it is functional and efficient in a space planning kind of way. Many people would love to have a separate tub for baths that is not also used for showering (I am one of those people!) and this makes it totally possible. 

Two more examples:

This is so good. I love the blue tile against the crisp white with the natural light streaming in from that skylight.

* FYI I have to say that it's not usually recommended to do a large tile and standard drain in a shower like that. The large tile makes achieving a comfortable (and often code compliant) slope difficult and in fact you can see there is a pretty dramatic slope in the bottom right where the drain is. Also, smaller tile in a shower means more grout which is safer because the grout adds grip, while large wet tiles can be very slippery!

This is a unique space and I think it works really well. I love that the bathroom is open to the rest of the room and everything is kept quite simple. There is a healthy, expansive feeling in this layout. The large window is also great. I personally love feeling some kind of outside connection while bathing which is obviously not easy to achieve for privacy reasons.  

So there you have it, a tub in the shower. I think/hope we will be seeing many more of these layouts in the near future.

header image source // 1) Blue tile bath source // 2) Open bath layout source