The Best Rainbow Colored Animals I've Ever Seen: the Art of Okuda San Miguel

I'm on week two of my sugar detox and things got real this weekend. I am tired, sore, foggy, and craving sugar badly. I am determined to stick it out and I think today will be the worst of it. Then things will start to get really really good. I'm excited to learn how I feel without the sugar! 

  Kaos Temple , Mural, 2015

Kaos Temple, Mural, 2015

This morning I randomly stumbled upon this Madrid based artist, Okuda and fell in love with his work. All of the vibrant colors, shapes and patterns tell a beautiful story, these pieces totally sucked me in and for a good 10 minutes I forgot about all the detox symptoms. Feel good art is my favorite kind and I love sharing it with all of you! 

  Soho Dog , Mural, 2015

Soho Dog, Mural, 2015

Definitely check out his street art from 2015. He has really refined his style over the years and I love this last year of work and am excited to follow him on Instagram and see what he creates in 2016.

  Heart Attack  , Canvas, 2015

Heart Attack, Canvas, 2015

Above and below are two of his 2015 canvases. Again, totally worth checking out his website because there is a ton of good stuff. It's amazing how much art this guy produced in one year. I get lost looking at the details of these paintings... the subtle shading and outlining with color, how he blended the background in the one below, the compositions and layering... I love his style!

  Universos Paralelos  , Canvas, 2015

Universos Paralelos, Canvas, 2015

In conclusion: eye candy is much healthier for us! I'm happy to replace a sugar addiction with a colorful art addiction. Have a great Sunday friends!