Chairish Finds of the Week

I want all of these things in my home. I simply cannot get enough textiles these days. Rugs, pillows and blankets are just piling up around here and I love it. 

I might treat myself to that bamboo hoop chair if I can find a good place for it. This weekend I moved the furniture around so there is more space in the front half of the apartment and it's now the dining area again (things move back and forth every few months around here) and that means less space in the rear of the apartment where the living area now is. Our bedroom is pretty small but this chair could work in there I think. I recently sold our beautiful rattan egg chair because it was just too big for the bedroom and living area, but I think the hoop chair will take up way less space physically and visually. 

Also, that sheep. If shipping wasn't so much I would have bought that guy already. I totally love the idea of a life size sheep shelf. I bet my dog would go nuts barking at it all day. Same issue here though - need to find a good place to put it. Our apartment is getting to the point where I like everything in it so it's becoming more difficult to bring in new pieces. Maybe that's why I buy so many textiles, they are easy to pile and layer so space isn't as much of an issue. 

I'm getting good feedback about these Chairish posts which is great news because I feel like I could make these collections and talk about cool furniture pieces all day!