How to Make working from Home Work for You (Part 2)

So much has changed since the first post I wrote about this back in December!

To start, I sold that desk like the next week. The green color wasn't bright enough, too muddy which didn't feel good. 

That set up was also not that great because my boyfriend works at the dining table so I always felt like someone was looking over my shoulder. That is absolutely one of my least favorite feelings in the world btw!

I've been standing and working in the kitchen about 90% of the time since that post. I feel funny when I sit too often. Working on other options for that because apparently standing is only good if you know how to properly stand which I'm pretty sure I don't. 

When we don't have guests I hang out in the guest room. There is a nice clean white desk in there and good natural lighting. I still dream of making that space all my own. A creative den with art supplies and dream/vision board type stuff up on the walls. I'll have that space someday. For now being a working nomad in my own home is actually quite nice. 

I guess it's really hard for me to stay put!

I will be getting a desk (again) for our bedroom. That way I do have the option of closing a door and having total privacy when we have guests and my boyfriend is on a Skype call (If you've ever heard an Italian on the phone you know what I'm talking about, it's a whole new level of loudness).

So I guess update #3 is coming soon.

PS. If you have any tips to share on best practices working from home I'd love to hear. This is still new territory and it's really fun trying out new ideas and discussing the options!

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