Colorful Wall Art that's Fast, Fun & Affordable (also some old photos of my apartment!)

This is something I've been doing in my apartment for years. We have concrete walls which makes it challenging to hang large pieces of art securely. So I figured, why not just paint directly on the walls?

The first time I did this was in 2010 when I convinced a group of friends to come over to my apartment and paint stripes on my walls. I had gone to the paint store that morning and random selected four different colors. I handed everyone a paint brush, gave them a can of paint and that was that.

I loved those stripes, and then very quickly got tired of them. Lots has changed in this apartment since the striped wall days! It's fun to look at these old photos, my style had evolved quite a bit in the last six years. This was an important time for me as a designer, I was living alone and changing things all the time. So many lessons learned from that process! And I also got really good at moving furniture around by myself. 

Btw, I still regret selling those chairs. They were perfectly worn in leather and I loved the little studded details . I got so many interested buyers, I could have sold them for way more or even better just kept them. But when I get that urge to get rid of everything and make changes I just do it. 

I still remember the weekend I spent painting over those stripes, so I'm not about to do anything as dramatic any time soon, but when ever I get the urge I mix up some color and paint words and quotes directly on the walls. 

I've always thought it would be fun to paint the window sills and around the window (where the trim would be) yellow to reflect warm light into a room.

And I totally love large saturated areas in off-set geometric shapes. The next time I get an urge to change my beautiful white walls, I will probably do something like this image, a deep blue-green (my favorite color) at an angle next to a wall opening. 

What do you think? Have you tried something similar in your home or for a client? If this idea is intriguing I encourage you to give it a try! 

( source images: pink- header image // yellow - clockwise 1 2 3 4 // blue-green clockwise 1 2 3 4 )

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