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Life Lately: New Changes & Updates!

Life Lately: New Changes & Updates!


Well hello! It's been a while! As of today, I'm officially back online, back in my internet "home". This is a mini summary on where I've been and where I'm going.

Where & Why

I took a year or so off of blogging and about seven months off of Instagram. I was in search of some peace and quiet. I was starting to feel like my life was so noisy that I couldn't hear my own thoughts. I wanted to know what I wanted, and what I felt, without outside influence. So I quietly took a break and went to sit in that empty space left behind. 

What I learned

It was magical. And hard. And I'm so happy I did it. I learned that the space without all the noise, is not actually empty. It's where the real juicy good stuff exists. I reconnected with myself, and learned more about what I want to share with the world. 

Big Changes!

During my time off, I also met a guy, bought a house, and moved to a new city - seriously - so much has changed! It's crazy how much magic happens when there is space and time to slow down and be present - a gift I'm learning to blend into my life now that things are full and busy again!

Moving Forward

And so, here I am, back online and excited to start sharing again with this new clarity and insight as my guide.

This is still a site devoted to all things home - remodeling, styling, and living. I have lots to share about home remodeling, we have some fun new projects in San Francisco, and now having my own homes (our house has a Guesthouse!) to work on, there's tons to talk about. I am also really fascinated by the concept of home, now that I've lived in a few different places. San Francisco is different from Modesto (my new home!) in many ways so I'm learning how to build community all over again, while also staying connected with my old one. My personal style is definitely evolving now that I'm co-designing in a style of home I've never worked with before. I'll be talking about these things, sharing our remodel projects and home updates, as well as favorite resources - like the great local vintage stores I've been visiting, as well as my friend Leah's new shop in Outer Sunset.

Thanks for reading. I hope wherever you are in your life journey, you feel loved and free. Cheers to new adventures and the space in between :)


Hotel California AKA Our New Home!

Hotel California AKA Our New Home!

A Favorite Source for Design Inspiration.

A Favorite Source for Design Inspiration.