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Custom Home Paintings by Pamela Baron!

I was at Rare Device over the holidays and stumbled on the work of Oakland based artist Pamela Baron. She paints lots of different things like crystals, flowers, shells, birds and my favorite... victorian homes of San Francisco.

Patrick J. Campbell, an Artist Who Paints Tiny Houses

I discovered this Brooklyn based artist through a Homepolish article and immediately fell in love with his work. It's all about the details! The little dotted lines that outline the homes, the solid colors against the textured hillside, the subtle shadowing and interesting way things feel stacked and precariously laid out.

The Art of Ozmo the Great (and how we almost met!)

This past Summer I re-discovered the work of this awesome artist, Ozmo. Years ago I was reading online about a collaboration between the local artist Jeremy Fish and an Italian artist. I remember falling in love with the street art of this Italian artist, but this was before I got super organized and started Evernote-web-clipping and Pinterest-pinning everything and so I completely forgot the artists name.

Creating New Art For Our Home

The wonderful thing about being an artist is you can create new art for your home any time you wish! The other side to that is that when you get tired of the art, it's up to you to get to work and make some new material.

Scribble Drawings

The last few years, I got so into painting I kind of forgot how much fun markers are. Plus they are clean and immediate and much easier to clean up than paintbrushes! 

Creative Process: Painting - Alive 1

New painting! This is pretty obviously inspired by flowers. I'm definitely doing some more of these. It all came together very organically. Still not sure it's done, I'd like to add some white and metallic details to add some more contrast.