House of Holland Does it Again

I posted about HOH back in August when I first discovered the unique and playful fashion brand.

I love following them on Pinterest and Insta, every time they release a new collection it's a whole new level. Below are some of my favorite pieces from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection

I can't write this post and not mention those shoes. They are nuts! Very creative the designers behind this brand. I really love that they are doing something totally different with color, patterns and shapes. It's like wearing art. There is nothing "basic" about HOH that's for sure. 

Would you ever wear any of these pieces? I would wear the lace midi skirt, the paradise flower sweatpants, and maybe the panel print culottes. Everything else is a bit much for my taste, but a part of me would really love if more people started dressing this way. If there were more unique brands and fashion felt like an art form, an expression, you know? It would totally make my day to see someone walking through my neighborhood in that pufferfish frill pencil skirt!