Your home will feel most beautiful when it is a reflection of YOU. 

These are my 10 best design tips for creating beauty + simplicity in your home.

(No former design skills needed!)

1) Simplify. Get rid of absolutely everything in your life that doesn’t spark joy. The best book on this is, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. This book is life changing. This is the first and most important step, don’t skip it.

2) Slow Down. Just as you can’t grow to become the best version of yourself in a weekend, neither can your home. Remember, your home will feel most beautiful when it is a reflection of you. We are always growing and our homes will grow with us. Let it grow slowly. 

3) Experiment. It’s not possible to get it all “right” the first time. Play around, have fun. If you view your design decisions as experiments, it will make the process much more enjoyable. 

4) Trust Your Gut. Break the habit of asking for everyone else’s advice. Save yourself time and go with what feels right to you.

5) Own It. Own your space, even if you rent. It really doesn’t matter whether this is a three month sublet or your forever home. If you will be spending time in this space - sleeping, eating, working, laughing and loving - then it is important how it looks and feels. Period. 

6) Cleanliness. When you love your home you will want it to be clean and tidy. Everything will have a place. Things wont sit and get dusty because you’ll move them every so often. You’ll take the trash out, let the fresh air in. Burn delicious candles and keep your linens and blankets clean. 

7) Futz. There’s nothing wrong with futzing! Every great designer I know does it. Play around with objects, books, throws, pillows until they feel right to you. Try stacking books, organizing items by color, creating little vignettes around the house. 

8) Move stuff. You know how some homes just feel kind of cold and dead inside? That’s the result of stuff sitting around for too long. Furniture is meant to be moved. That’s how you show it love and appreciation. 

9) Share. A happy home is one that is full of life. Have dinner parties. Play music, dance around. Laugh lots. Share your home with loved ones. Your home holds those memories.

10) Hire a Professional. Too busy or overwhlemed? There’s lots of great reasons to hire a professional to help you design your space. Even if you love design, it can be more rewarding doing it with someone else. 

That’s it!

My 10 best tips to make your home a simple + beautiful reflection of you. 

Now you know where to start. 

Happy designing.

xo Jess